Fear… Fear Demon….

7 10 2008
Fear Demon

In the dictionary fear is defined as:

“concern or anxiety; solicitude”

Right now while writing down these lines that’s the feeling I have all around me; the worst part is that it has actually been here for quite a few weeks now.

The feeling has invaded me because I am about to receive my Bachelor degree… the problem is that I am scared to hell of this change that is just about to happen in my life. I am not going to be the little student I have always been, the one that was an excellent student, my life is going to change, for good I hope!

The greatest problem that is involved in all this thing is that I feel the preasure of not letting down all the people that have their hopes on me, and that trust me. I really feel that so many people have their bets on me, that it is stressing just to think leting them down. I fear that I will not be good, I fear that I am laking of some knowledge, I fear… I fear… so many things…

I feel just like if the demon of fear is here besides me 24/7… what can I do?

Suggestions?   :S




One response

13 10 2008

Dude, Life is about changing. Life itself is change. You know what are the two MAIN problems I see with society today??? We live booored out of our f**king minds, and we live scared the sh*t out of our f**ing minds. The only way to make a difference is get the hell out of yourself for a while and see that YOU ARE ALONE. I’m not being pessimistic here. I looove life and I looove my friends and family. But it is YOUR choices that eventually determine your life. Once I heard this really awesome quote: “What others think of you is not your problem, it is theirs”. If people are betting on you it is because they wanted to and because they think you have what it takes to take the challenge. If they think you can do it, why can’t you???? Probably you already know you are good enough but you are afraid of your own success. Like the little poem above. DARE, DARE, DARE!!!!! You know why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever? He dared! He missed thousands of shots, THOUSANDS, some of those shots were the difference between winning or losing a game…and he missed them…awfully. But he did what no one else would do…he took the shot!!! So what if you fail? One failure won’t determine your life, two failures won’t determine your life, a million failures won’t determine your life. What DOES determine your life is how you react to those failures. if you take one, just one of those failures and turn it around, recover from it, you’ll be more successful than someone with a million successes and no failures who thinks he is a loser. I’ve failed at something at least once, you’ve failed at something at least once. Look at yourself. Are you a failure now????……..I know, me neither.


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